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126 Army Band

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The 126 Army Band is structured with Musical Performance Teams (MPT) under the guidance of Army Tactics, Techniques and Procedures. The MPT structure allows the band to focus their strengths in multiple areas and perform multiple venues simultaneously. In this way, our unit can form fit to any venue, performance style, or type of event. To request the 126 Army Band for your ceremony, parade, concert, or event, please use the Band Request Form.

The Music Performance Teams

Concert Band

Our largest MPT, the Concert Band is a full symphonic wind band in the classical style of collegiate and military wind bands and orchestras. This MPT is perfect for your patriotic concerts and festivals. An additional capability is to provide the best military parade music for your community as it celebrates our nation's history throughout the year.

Minutemen Brass
The Minutemen Brass Quintet is a group that can adjust rapidly to fit your venue and ceremonial needs. Their repertoire ranges from traditional classical and jazz to popular music. 

Ricochet is an a cappella vocal ensemble tasked with providing outstanding vocal renditions of patriotic and popular music.  This ensemble performs regularly with the 126 Concert Band and independently for various events throughout the State of Michigan.  

This ensemble is available for indoor military ceremonies and is also equipped to provide a variety of background music for your special event. 

Five-Star Brass
The Five-Star Brass is available for educational and recruiting opportunities.  Their performances image popular brass groups from across the globe.  This ensemble can be used for your smaller ceremonies, as well.

This classic rock band covers popular music across several genres and decades. This group has an impressive history of delivering entertainment to military and civilian communities alike.

Jazz Guardians

Perfect for the cocktail and dinner hours this jazz quartet provides smooth music to enhance your evening.