• Military funerals (taps)
  • Educational musical programs
  • National Anthems for sporting events
  • Musical workshops

Find Us

We are actively looking for musical talent to join our ranks. Ask questions, join us for the weekend (no commitment!), or set up a time to meet with our leadership team to see if you'd be a good fit. We'd love to chat.

1650 House Street Northeast, Belmont, MI, United States


Phone:        616.863.3360

E-mail: commander@126armyband.com

​Website: www.126ArmyBand.com


Get in Touch

"The Governors Own"

Thinking of Joining?

You can request our band for any public perforance (and some private). We get hundreds of performance requests annually so unfortunately we can't accept all of them. To increase your odds of acceptance, request dates that are preferably 9+ months out. Here are just a few types of events we can perform for:

  • Community band concerts
  • Charity socials
  • Parades
  • Military ceremonies

126th Army Band