"The Governor's Own"

126 Army Band

"The Governor's Own"

In May, 2013, the 126th Army Band was declared "The Governor's Own". The official ceremony was on July, 2013 at the Camp Grayling Memorial and Review. The proclamation reads as follows:

To the 126 Army Band of the Michigan Army National Guard
Let it be known, that it is deep appreciation for its commitment to excellence and service to our nation and the State of Michigan that we recognize and honor the 126 Army Band of the Michigan Army National Guard, currently commanded by Chief Warrant Officer Jon Montgomery. We extend our thanks and appreciation to this talented and dedicated organization of citizen-soldiers.

The 126 Army Band, also known as the Governor's Own, has served the State of Michigan, the nation and our local communities since 1857 by providing music for all types of occasions. As the official military band of Michigan, unit member have enjoyed performing for many official State functions. The 126 Army Band has most honorably represented the people and the governor of the State of Michigan in overseas performances as well.

The 126 Army Band has performed at all gubernatorial inaugurations for more than 50 years, and has served with musical support for the Governor's Conference in Traverse City, Michigan on the governor's order. It has been called upon to perform at official visits if United States' dignitaries, including the President of the United States, and numerous foreign leaders. In 2007, the band was selected by President Gerald R. Ford to be the military band to render honors at the grave site for his funeral. 

The band has earned praise from music critics alike. It has performed throughout the United States, London, Italy, Trinidad and Tobago, Australia and Latvia for all branches of the Armed Forces. The band consists of a full concert band, marching band, ceremonial band, rock band, brass quintet, woodwind quintet and many smaller performing groups. In addition to its music mission, the band trains and maintains high proficiency in all military aspects of being a United States soldier.

In special tribute, therefore, we hereby recognize and thank the 126 Army Band, the Governor's Own, for its many years of continuing service to the state of Michigan. May the future continue to bring great success and satisfaction. 


Rick Snyder, Governor

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