• Military funerals (taps)
  • Educational musical programs
  • National Anthems for sporting events
  • Musical workshops


Sometimes the perfect thing for your venue is a compact & simple musical group. Our pianists primarily perform for background dinner or cocktail music.

You can request our band for any public performance (and some private). We get hundreds of performance requests annually so unfortunately we can't accept all of them. To increase your odds of acceptance, request dates that are preferably 9+ months out. Here are just a few types of events we can perform for:

Vocal Soloists

Our vocal soloists are often selected for musical interludes during ceremonies and for our national anthems

performance request


This is a multi-talented group that changes and modifies its performance groups to fit a venue. Your performance may be some combination of the groups above - or something entirely different.


Sometimes all you need is one. Whether you need a dinner bugler or to pay the highest respects for our fallen soldiers, our buglers can assist.


This classic rock band covers popular music across several genres and decades. This group has an impressive history of delivering entertainment to military and civilian communities alike.

Musical Ensembles

Marching band

Perfect for the cocktail and dinner hours this jazz quartet provides smooth music to enhance your evening.  

  • Community band concerts
  • Charity socials
  • Parades
  • Military ceremonies

Jazz GuArdians

Perfect for the cocktail and dinner hours this jazz quartet provides smooth music to enhance your evening.  


The Minutemen Brass Quintet is a group that can adjust rapidly to fit your venue and ceremonial needs. Their repertoire ranges from traditional classical and jazz to popular music. 

no brass, no ammo
This small group delivers an impressive performance and can serve as background music or a front stage entertainment.

Concert band

Our largest ensembles, the Concert Band is a full symphonic wind band in the classical style of collegiate and military wind bands and orchestras. This ensembles is perfect for your patriotic concerts and festivals. An additional capability is to provide the best military parade music for your community as it celebrates our nation's history throughout the year.

"The Governors Own"

126th Army Band