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Our largest Ensembles, the Concert Band is a full symphonic wind band in the classical style of collegiate and military wind bands and orchestras. This Ensembles is perfect for your patriotic concerts and festivals. An additional capability is to provide the best military parade music for your community as it celebrates our nation's history throughout the year.

Although we are based in Belmont, MI, we have performed all over the state of Michigan, country and world.

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Our three dozen members come together to perform in various ensembles ranging from jazz to classical to rock. We love music of all kinds.

The 126th Army Band of the Michigan National Guard, the "Governor's Own" has been entertaining the citizens of Michigan for almost 60 years. Based in Belmont, Michigan, the band has earned praise from music critics and audiences alike. The band is assigned to the Michigan National Guard Headquarters in Lansing, Michigan, and is stationed at the Belmont Readiness Center in Belmont, Michigan.

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Our mission is to provide music throughout the spectrum of military operations to instill in our forces the will to fight and win, foster the support of our citizens, and promote our national interests at home and abroad.

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126th Army Band

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